Monday, June 2, 2008

Nathan's Quilt

Here's the fabric I'm going to use, courtesy Sweet Baboo Designs:

And here's the preliminary design. I didn't finish drawing the squares, but I think you get the idea:

Second, much better design:

8th, FINAL, design:

The pattern:
First square:

60 squares:
I had to supplement the fabric with some Gerber receiving blankets but they match beautifully and I think I'll have enough left over for a border.

The quilt laid out on the bed, no border:

Laid out on the bed, close up:

Six strips, sewed and folded:

11 strips, sewed and ready to be sewn together 6.14.8:

Four strips are sewed together here with the fifth one pinned and ready to go! 6.19.8

All squares sewn together, just need to hit the fabric store to find backing (and maybe batting), sew it on and start the quilting process 6.25.8:

Here it is, all sewn together and laid out on the bed. My little green pieces of tape are still on as this is just the beginning of the pinning process (pinning the face (top piece) to the back, and nice soft piece of blue flannel).

You can see the batting here hanging down the side. They didn't have a single bed sized piece of batting so I had to get the double bed size and cut it down:

The quilting is finished, now I just need to do the binding. I can't believe this project is almost done!

The binding is almost done!

And here it is, completely finished! (7.20.8)

Quilts By Kate

Final dimensions: 65" wide x 70" long.

All quilts by kate are one-of-a-kind originals. A quilt like this would be priced at $800.00

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