Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just as I finish up Nathan's quilt I got an order for two crib quilts for a pair of twins who will be born in October.

Here's the fabric we're using for the Boy Twin:

And here's the fabric we're using for the Girl Twin:

I'm probably going to pair Hello Kitty with some soft white flannel, or perhaps some pink and white gingham. It depends on what the fabric store has, but either way I think these are going to be so cute.

After much washing, drying, ironing, and cutting, here are the two quilts laid out on the bed 8.2.8


Close up:

Close up:

Ready to be pinned:

The squares are turning into strips:

Finished sewing the strips last night and then was able to start sewing the strips together:

Half way there:

The face of the Girl Twin quilt is done!
Here is is on it's side:
Quilts By Kate
And here it is lengthwise:

And I even had time to get almost half way done on the Boy Twin face:

Boy Twin face is finished:

Quilts By Kate
Now we just need their names, and I can add the embroidery and backs!

Boy twin is Jackson Arthur and Girl twin is Giada Marie. Quilts are signed, sealed, delivered and snuggly.

Embroidery. In the center you can see her name and date of birth and in the upper right corner you can see another white square the reads: "love, light, joy happiness".

All quilts by kate are one-of-a-kind originals. A quilt like one of these would be priced at $150.00, including the embroidery of the name of the baby.

Finished Fall 2008.

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